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comforting-the-puppy-quick-e-mail-viewComforting a Puppy, by Debbie Flood
Debbie wrote:
“In thinking about the fast paced world of publishing and illustrating, I began to feel anxious and wondered if I could handle the deadlines, even though I know I can produce work quickly. So, Painting a child a day was born. I knew this would keep me focused, Help me with any anatomy issues and color issues. I enjoy painting the children with watercolors and it would give me a great inventory to offer to my collectors.”
Debbie just recently entered the Children’s Publishing field.  Her book, Children and Their 4-Legged Friends: a Series of Watercolor Paintings and Poems  was reviewed by Linda T. Snider Ward in the Spring 2009 Issue of Once Upon a Tme magazine. 
She continued:

I self published the book through The book is 8 x 10 with 36 pages. 40 paintings & 14 poems. The paintings were all created of children with horses from the years that I have been joining local horse shows, here in Maine, setting up my booth and painting portraits. I collected the reference images with my own camera, or images the families gave me for portraits. I also have included paintings of myself and family members, as children, with horses.
I have a deep connection with horses from my childhood, and being around the kids at horse shows, I could see that I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. The purpose of that series & the book is to enlighten those feelings, connections and spirit between a horse and a child, and the fact that it doesn’t go away when we are Adults. It has been a very powerful and moving/emotional project for me and I am hoping that comes through when people read the poems and view the art, especially with their children.
The book can be ordered from my website or on the site through links on my website.


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