What Printer Do You Recommend?

Susan Detwiler recommends OvernightPrints.com.  For her exquisite card, One Wolf Howls, she ordered 250 4.25″ x 5.5″ double sided Postcards on sale for $54.71 including shipping and handling.  Susan said, “The postcards arrived yesterday, and they look great — the color is accurate, and the margins are just as I had designed.  Initially I was worried, because there is a red border and SAFEZONE tag that shows up on the “proofs” (shown below) that is not part of my artwork; however, it was not printed and I am thoroughly pleased.”

One Wolf Howls





A Pennsylvania illustrator told me that she loves the creative packages at http://www.moo.com/

I used Modern Postcards for a business card, but I haven’t created a postcard, yet.  http://www.modernpostcard.com/

Who do you use for your postcards?
Karen Jo (Rockville, MD)


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  1. I’ve used Modern Postcard for art cards and business cards. If you’re in a hurry and need a local printer, Rockville Printing is fast. Last time I did a business card I tried Kinkos. They popped out several hundred in a few minutes, and their prices had dropped for business cards. I have worked with a knowledgeable printer there, who tweaked the print job with me consulting at his computer, but alas, he is no longer there. Sometimes just my own printer is good enough. I try to tailor the effort and cost I put into printing to the job.

  2. I really like overnightprints.com. If you go with them try POSTCARDSALE as a sale code. It usually works for a discount! I switched to them from postcardpress.com (which I also liked) because overnihgtprints has a nice matte finish.

    I have used uprinting.com for posters, but they also have an option to print in ANY size you want, which is a nice resource to know about.

    I just found this blog, as I moved to Baltimore recently and was active in the SCBWI in L.A.

    just e0mail if you have any further printing questions.

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