Informal Portfolio Critique last Saturday

critiqueBrava to Susan for leading a terrific critique last Saturday!  Art shared by Jean, Karen, Annina, and Banu grabbed attention, projected a strong voice, created mood with color and line, and narrated story to appropriate age groups.  It was WONDERFUL to view such diversity in unique and memorable voices.   Several resources, techniques, and companies dotted the conversation as we shared one another’s tools. 

Reource web sites:  The Children’s Book Council–  ; in conjunction with the annual, The Writer’s Market– 


critique2Marketing web sites: Stock photos and Illustration–  ; market your image on products  ; and 

Publishing Books:  The Writer’s Market–  ; The Artist’s and Graphic Designer’s Market–  ; The Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market– 


Tips and Techniques:  To explore color possibilities in an image, Susan suggested scanning a sketch and coloring on prints of it to arrive at your favorite scheme.  For ink henry-cole-juliet1illustrations, Susan recommended a one or two hair brush while Jean recommended Copic Multiliner SP Pens 

The discussion ended on the following note:  You have a voice.  You have a strong portfolio.  What’s the next step?  Get it in the hands of an Art Director!   It was suggested that we send monthly postcards of images to Art Directors.  (I’ve even heard Editors ask for them.)  Now, the question posed for experienced illustrators, “How do you send your postcards?  Do you print them yourself?  Do you have a favorite printing company?  If you don’t mind, will you share your resource for getting your work out there?”

Karen Jo (Rockville, MD)


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