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henry-cole-scbwiIn addition to providing private portfolio critiques throughout the day, for one session, Henry Cole shared his heart, his experience, and his personal tools in picture book illustration.  Tenderly, giggly, lively, tearfully, and forcefully Cole commanded attention while delighting with a profound slide show that began with a few of his childhood inpirations and illustrations and ended with glimpses of many of his 50 published books.  He explained how he evolved into becoming a full time illustrator and author/illustrator, as well as, the stages in illustrating and designing a picture book from the moment he receives pages of text from an editor to the time the book comes off the press.

Some of Cole’s tips include: in a dummy, consider placing text on tissue that folds over the illustrated page;  don’t forget to design the jacket cover, the front and back flaps of the jacket, and the title page in addition to the body of the book; on the jacket cover, design a space for the barcode; even when drawing realistic figures and characters, don’t forget to create expression by manipulating the corners of the eyes, eyebrows, and mouths, and forehead muscles; Cole sketches on loose pages clipped to a clipboard (I think that’s GENIUS for sorting and organizing sketches, avoiding that HUNT through sketchbook after sketchbook….); and carefully research and draw true to reality, for instance, in drawing a 7 spotted ladybug, be sure 7 spots are on your lady bug.

Cole uses acrylic paint on Arches Hot Press smooth paper with finishing details in colored pencil; he works 10% larger than the final publication because reduction tends to clean and finish the work.

Look for Cole’s forthcoming NOVEL, A Nest for Celestehenry-cole-scbwi2

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